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Our mission

At House of NeVille Gallery & Gatherings, our mission is to create a community that celebrates the transformative power of creativity. We believe in enlightening lives through the healing benefits of art, making the world a more peaceful and beautiful place for all.

Our Journey

Our story is a testament to the transformative power of community and art. It all began in a humble, junky warehouse where the seeds of creativity were sown. This was Everybody's Place, a sanctuary where the neighborhood came together to celebrate life and create art. Our mission was simple yet profound: to create a community by enlightening people’s lives through the healing benefits of art.

As the winds of change blew, we transitioned into Studio 101, a new space that was made possible through the unwavering support, patronage, and prayers of our friends and community members. Although unforeseen circumstances led to its closure, the spirit of Studio 101 lived on.


A year later, destiny guided us to a magical building on the bricks of Camp Bowie. Thus, House of NeVille Gallery & Gatherings was born.

At House of NeVille, we believe in the healing benefits of creativity and are committed to educating and inspiring future generations to carry this legacy forward.


We provide a safe and welcoming environment where individuals can find their creative voice and express themselves with confidence. Through this, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, enriching and empowering lives. We strive to bring joy and meaning to everyone who passes through our doors, making the world a more peaceful and beautiful place for all.

Visit Us


2409 NeVille Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107

Wednesday - Saturday*


Sunday - Tuesday

By appointment only

*Gallery hours are based on activities and may vary due to events or venue rentals. Please check our event  calendar for any changes to our regular hours.

During business hours you can BYOBF = bring your own bottle, food & best friend






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