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July 25, 7-9pm



Make your own Visual Journal along with some simple activities to get you

started using collage and paint. A fun spontaneous space to connect with yourself in a meaningful and nourishing way.


Materials provided


Focus:Visual Journaling is based on vulnerability and tenacity without the pressure of “doing it right.” Every person has the ability to create in their own unique style of imagination.

Visual Journaling has transformed my life from feeling victimized by trauma into wonderment. Depression drains the joy out of life. Creativity and imagination invite limitless possibilities and playfulness.

The activity I share in this class is messy, playful, and full of sensory experience that helps to let go of control and doing it right to finding imaginal freedom. I use collage, smearing paint and poetry word play. Learn how to shift form the rational left side of the brain into the imagination of the right.

Whether it’s your first time to embrace a blank canvas or you are a seasoned artist, this activity helps activate the channels to your unique creativity as well as inform the deeper parts of self with gentleness and compassion.

Raw Visual Journaling with Andrea Pardue

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