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Meditative Painting Workshop: Set Your Mind Free
Saturday, February 17, 2024 at 1 pm
$45 per class, art supplies included.

Casual lead meditation to set your mind free

Set your mind free through art.

Use painting to connect with and communicate your emotions in this guided painting experience.

A casual meditation you can bring a comfortable blanket, sit on the floor, sit at the table or stand and meditate. This workshop provides you with a safe and nurturing environment to set your mind free, tap into your authentic self-expression through the transformative medium of art. In this 2 hour  session, you will be guided through a meditation to find inner peace and then express your emotions through mindful creation using acrylic paint on canvas. The workshop is structured to encourage mindfulness, foster self-reflection, and facilitate the growth of coping mechanisms through the therapeutic art of painting.
About Me | Amaka Agulue, LMHC:
Amaka is a licensed mental health therapist and artist dedicated to helping individuals heal and align their lives with their highest values. Amaka’s healing journey began in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was introduced to meditation and learned about how energy flows within and around us. After relocating to New York to pursue her Psychology career, she gained invaluable experience using an intuitive approach to support struggling families and at-risk teenagers through non-profits and child protective services. Specialized in supporting adults, youth and families, Amaka now works as a full-time OCD specialist. In 2019, Amaka launched a virtual meditative workshop series, aiming to bring positivity to the human collective. Now based in Dallas-Fort Worth, she is dedicated to sharing art's therapeutic benefits through continued engagement in meditative practices.

Meditative Painting Workshop: Set Your Mind Free

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