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$30/Class Bring your own Supplies

Age group:  18+

Maximum class size:  12 

Wednesdays, July 10th, 1:00-4:00pm

$30/class with your own supplies or $40/class if you use the gallery‘s supplies

Pay by the class.  


Have you ever wished you could learn to paint with oils?  Or, have you painted in the past and need a boost to pick that brush back up and get started again?  Do you long for some time set aside to try something creative?  Now‘s the time!

Julie understands that it takes some nerve to face that blank canvas and she wants to help you overcome those nerves and make some beautiful art.  

This class will be in the studio format in which each participant will be working on their own piece from their own references at their own pace and in their own style.  We will gather at the beginning of class with an activity to get your creative juices flowing, then Julie will walk you through getting started as well as over time bringing your painting to completion.  


Julie began painting in 2008 after retiring from a career in education.  She is a Professional Member of the Artists of Texas and an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America.  Oil paint is her preferred medium in both realism and abstract painting. She has had paintings in several juried shows, won an Outstanding Abstract award and been included in an artist focus in an American Art Collector Magazine‘s portrait edition. You can see some of her work at


*Supplies provided (by House of Neville):




Linseed oil

Odorless brush cleaner

Paper towels

Some photo references (feel free to bring your own!)


*Required supplies for students (unless using gallery supplies):


Acrylic gessoed canvas (up to 16x20) 


Brushes - Bristle brushes or synthetic oil brushes.  Filberts are a good versatile brush.


Photo references you are interested in painting.


Oil paints of your choosing (avoid academic or studio oil paints as they are made for schools and tend to have less pigment)


Water mixable oil paints (recommend Winsor and Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oils OR Cobra Water Mixable Oils). These paints are real oil paints used by top artists that can be washed with soap and water (no need for solvents)

  Recommended colors:  (This is the minimum.  You are welcome to work with any colors you wish)

  choose a blue: Ultramarine, Cobalt Ultramarine or French Ultramarine

        Cadmium Red or Cadmium red light 

Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium yellow or Cadmium yellow light

Cadmium orange

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber

Titanium White

Ivory Black

(1) Guided Oil Painting Class with Julie Wileman

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