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Watercolor Workshop with Joshua West
Saturday, April 13 from 4-6 pm
This workshop is about the exploration and understanding of watermedia and its versatility using watercolor, graphite, and ink. When a surface is flooded with fluid and pigment, we are forced to let go of a certain amount of control. The forces of nature take over. Time, gravity, humidity, temperature, the movement of air, and chemistry manipulate particles suspended in fluid until it dries completely. You can never get the exact same results twice. One of the greatest lessons that I have learned from working with watercolor is that some of the greatest things can happen when I let go of the need to control everything that happens and find beauty in what is, rather than only what I intend. We don’t get to choose how or where we come into this world, but we can build our own out of what is.
What to Expect:
In this two hour session, participants will be introduced to some basic watercolor techniques (and some not so basic), experiment with materials, and work on their own paintings. There will be a focus on adapting to the unexpected.
Supplies Provided:
Paints and palettes
Paper towels
Practice paper
Watercolor paper
Additional miscellaneous supplies for special techniques

Price: $65
Join Joshua West in this transformative workshop where we embrace the unpredictable and discover the beauty that arises when we let go of control. Explore the wonders of watermedia, and awaken the artist within. Reserve your spot today!

Joshua West Water Color class, April 13, 4-6pm

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