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The Mural Gallery Along the Trinity River is Now Complete


MARCH 25, 2021

11:05 AM

Artist Qwynto working on his mural, "Bulldog Rodeo"

The outdoor art gallery lining the Trinity River is officially complete.

Called "Painting the River: A Trinity Trails Mural Gallery," the project features a series of murals by both local artists and others around the U.S. Tarrant Regional Water District sponsored the initiative, and works were curated by Fort Worth artist Katie Murray, best known for her own murals like the "Dreamer" series and others that have made for popular photo-ops across town.

"Painting the River" had been underway since last year, and on Tuesday, artists put their last finishing touches on their respective works — completing the gallery that now spans over 12 miles at 25 locations along the Trinity, including Clear Fork, Upper West Fork, and Lower West Fork.

The murals take inspiration from nature, depicting everything from plant life to sea creatures and insects. While the artists come from all over, many of them are from Texas — Fort Worth representatives include Audie Pope, Fernando Rojas, and Jana Renee.

"Peekaboo" by Anat Ronen

The works will debut Saturday as part of Spring Gallery Night, and Studio 101 Gallery and Gatherings will celebrate the completion of the project with a photography exhibit at its River District art gallery at 101 Nursery Lane, Ste. 108. Each mural will be photographed and displayed in the order they appear along the river. The exhibit premieres Saturday and runs through June 12.

More information about the event is available at The full map of murals will be available soon at

"Resilient Life" by JD Moore

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