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River District Art Gallery, Wine Bar Aims for July Opening


Jimmy Joe Jenkins and Joy Harvison, co-owners of the upcoming Studio 101 art gallery and event venue in The River District, point back to two specific, life-changing events that inspired their business.

For Jenkins, it was an attack by a stranger while he was riding his bike, requiring two surgeries. For Harvison, it was the death of a child.

Understanding the benefits of art therapy in coping with difficult situations, Jenkins and Harvison collaborated with Bradley Kent to create Studio 101, a gallery that'll host art therapy classes, gatherings, and a wine bar. They hope to open at the beginning of July.

Located at 101 Nursery Lane, Ste. 108, the space features floating walls and other customizable elements that enable the space to be transformed. Art on display will be switched out every three months, colored ceiling lights can change the feel of the gallery, and a three-piece bar can be moved around the building or to the rooftop.

In addition to viewing art, visitors can take classes taught by the owners to create their own pieces, whether it be Harvison’s Grown Up and Growing Up sessions for adults and children, or Kent’s Dabbling with Drinks painting program.

“I was given my creative gifts to help others see the colorful creations in the universe around them and the endless possibilities of their imagination," Kent wrote in an email to Fort Worth Magazine. "I love the ability for visual arts to invoke feelings and convey emotions without speaking a word. I believe that creativity can be applied to all aspects of life and should be shared.”

Though Studio 101 is a for-profit business, the owners prioritize philanthropy. The space will also host Change of Mind, an art therapy program anyone can access, regardless of their financial situation. Ten percent of candle and T-shirt sales and coins thrown into the fountain on the patio will be used to fund this project.

“It’s just important to us to be recognized as people that want to support and give back to our community,” Harvison says. “Also, know that you’re not alone, that you can come here to our Change of Mind program.”

Jenkins, known for his murals around Fort Worth (like the "Monkey Lisa" on the wall of Lettuce Cook in The River District), will also use the space to sell his art for the first time.

“Letting it go is a change of mind,” he says.

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